Save the Elliot Rainforest!

The clear cut happening in Oregon is highly disturbing, and one of the last stands of old growth forest in Oregon is under threat of sale to private logging industry. The Elliott State Forest is home to many plants and critters that are stressed by the logging industry’s clear cutting and mono-culture replanting of Doug Fir. Learn more about the conservation efforts here


Plastic, plastic, plastic!


How incredible it has been for us to make a strong effort to divest from fossil fuels by riding over 1000 miles on our bikes, putting on shows that are powered only by our audience members riding those same bikes.  Being surrounded by heavy car culture this feels like quit the accomplishment.  But what about all the plastic?!?

Even on our bikes we rely so heavily on the petroleum industry to produce plastic for the hardware on our bikes, our bags to keep gear dry, our gear itself! Not to mention the packaging our food comes in.  Sometimes it feels like we are swimming in plastic!  We have been doing our best to reuse our bags, buy in bulk, always have reusable cups and containers on us, but still waste is produced and plastic goes on.  We have been humbled by this reality.20160805_172804

With all these plastic conundrums in our minds we keep pedaling forward, and on our ride the other day we stumbled upon an amazing organization that spoke to all our woes.  Washed Ashore in Bandon, Oregon is a nonprofit art collective which collects plastic scraps from the beach and creates giant art sculptures, only using these scraps. We were all blown away by the intricacy of the art the amount of plastic and Styrofoam that is lingering on our oceans shores. Every piece of plastic ever made is on this earth, and will forever be on this earth. I supposed if we must use it, let us use what has already been created. This project gave us great perspective and inspiration to do better at stewarding this precious earth which gives us life.

The Unbreakable Bond

2016-07-19 Pleasant Revolution NW tour-52

Many wheels have touched many ports.  Many waters have been traversed.  Shallow waters make waves subdued, while deep waters ripple through.  The tide is the tide.  The bond is too great.  The formula is effervescent with a guiding light Luminescent that rides on the ray of hope.  All are beacons that lead to the fair summit.

                                             2016-07-19 Pleasant Revolution NW tour-30

Greetings from Vancouver!



We are two weeks in to our pedal-powered adventure! Our group is now at sixteen strong and still growing.

1   2

            The past weeks have been an epic, hardcore adventure.  On June 20th  eleven of us boxed up our bikes and packed up our camping gear, musical instruments and sound system and took it all on the train to Seattle.  It was quite a spectacle.  But we made it to Seattle after a fun and relaxing ride.

After putting all our bikes and gear back together, we spent our first night on the road with Molly’s wonderful friend, Heather.  She was such an amazing and lovely host.

The next day we were supposed to head out mid-afternoon, but in perfect bike-tour form, we didn’t gout out the door until after 5pm.

3  4

            The next few days on the road were intense to say the least.   The first day it rained furiously on us as we ate hills for breakfast, lunch and dinner for over fifty miles.  Some of us have never been on a bike tour before, and we wondered what the hell we had signed up for.  Luckily the camaraderie of the group was so magical that we laughed through the struggle and still managed to have a wonderful time.  We were grateful to be outside, altogether and really experiencing life deeply.

The next day we had to bike over sixty miles to get to our first show.  Keep in mind that with all the gear, some of us were hauling upwards of two hundred pounds!

7    Mt. Baker!

            Our first show was at the Lookout Arts Quarry in Bellingham, Washington.  It was epic!  We played on a floating stage in the middle of the quarry.   The people were lovely, the weather was perfect, and the sound of the music ricocheting off the quarry was spectacular.   We couldn’t have asked for a better kickoff show!

Our next show was the very next day at the Boundary Bay Brewery in downtown Bellingham.  The show was super fun and Molly hopped on her stilts, towering tall about the dancing crew.

We stayed a few nights with Heather’s wonderful friends, Nomi and Mary, on their enchanted farm.  Cats, dogs, ducks, wildflowers, a campfire, a living roof and a warm and welcoming home made our respite all the more rejuvenating.

5  6

The next day it was back on our bikes with two days to make it to Vancouver.  In between pedal strokes, we managed to squeeze in a lake jump, a river soak, a capoeira class, a yoga class, a sunset over the ocean, a cascade of dominoing bicycles, dinner at the Sikh temple, five bridge crossings and lots of great music, meals and laughter.

We are now resting at Adley’s rad brother, Chris’ house, four blocks from the beach in Vancouver and tomorrow we perform outside of the Vancouver Art Gallery from 3-7pm.

It is just the beginning of the journey, but already we have learned so much.  Every moment there is a lesson learned, individually and collectively.  We are truly pedaling our way to transcending to our higher consciousness and beyond.

Pleasant Revolution Biketopia Tour 2016 has begun!!!!


And we are off!  We rode the train up to Seattle from Oakland and were quite a site to see.  13 of us packed up our bikes and all our gear into boxes on the platform. We were all relieved to finally be on the train headed north, our journey had finally begun.  The train was stunning and the energy was high with the summer solstice full moon lighting our way.  We spotted a bald eagle, sang songs inspired by the rivers, and wrote short stories about the citrus.  The train set the tone for our trip to be slow and peaceful.

Molly met us at the station in Seattle and we were a flurry of bikes and things, all awkwardly trying to reassemble our bulky bikes.  After a couple of hours configuring our loads we rode through the dark twinkling streets of Seattle to our amazing hosts Heather.  We were so grateful to land at her lovely home which allowed us to work out our last details before hitting the road.


With the amazing help of the community we raised 11,000 for a pedal powered sound system!!!

Huge huge huge thanks and endless gratitude to everyone who contributed to our crowd funding campaign.  We raised 11,000 dollars and were able to purchase a pedal powered sound system from Rock the Bike.  This is a sound system that takes us completely off grid. By utilizing the power generated by people riding bicycles, we are able to power our stage.  This is a huge step forward for our band, taking us one pedal forward into a fossil fuel free future.  None of this would be possible without the support of our community!

(Two thousand and fifteen was incredible)

Wow , what an amazing year 2015 was.   From headlining the GREAT AMERICAN MUSIC HALL  to releasing our first album “Musica Por Puppets” to getting NPR featured to really diverse festival slots and more.  This is why I love the Bay Area. There are so many opportunities.  I think we have a unique time in history to do something about the environment which we’ve been neglecting for quite awhile. The bicycle really is one of the most efficient tools ever created and is gaining resurgence in popularity. Lets keep it this way forever.

 So come support your local Bike Coalitions (, and your local community bike shops (,,,   They will help empower you and are helping the broader community become more independent in their lives and become more independent from unsustainable fossil fuel companies.      

In regards to the bicycle, Bicicletas Por La Paz has some big plans brewing for this summer bike tour where we’ll be headlining the Biketopia Music Festival in the North-West and Europe.  We’ll carry all of the sound gear on our bikes and this year we’ll be adding the full pedal-powered soundsystem including 2 15’s and a large sub to give our shows that extra thump.  

So that’s all for the time being. I’m very excited about another prosperous year of music and bicycles.

With love and care, 

Adley Penner

Week 2! LA & Shows



While cycling through the start of Southern California things really started to change. The weather, vegetation and the style of camping. Some places to camp for example, in Malibu were close to $70 a person so we found other routes of places to stay. We use a website that is similar to couch surfing but only for cyclists called warmshowers. It has really saved us when we have been out of camping choices and with night approaching. We met a man named Harry who really took care of us, and then we also had some friends who let us stay with them. Pretty amazing again how people take care of us on the road!

image  image

A we were able to play two shows in venice beach at WhitZend and then another in Canoga Park at The Scotland Pub. We were able to rehearse a little before hand thanks to our friend Ian who set up a lot of the venues and was so generous learning our songs and helping us out with bass.

image  image

The shows went really well, people loved out music and definitely got a solid response that many people had never heard or seen anything quite like our cooky act. It was great to connect with people and tell our adventure and share experiences.

image  image

Here is Harry our friend on the drum kit, we rocked out with him at his house. We stayed here an extra day as we had so much fun and loved the perspectives and conversations that we had as a group. There were about 7 of us at this time.

image   image

Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to two cyclists this week. Gillian left to go to Costa Rica for a festival and then Carolyn headed back to the bay. We miss them both already!

image  image

Week 1! Oakland to San Luis Obispo

image    image

What a week it has been! Our 2015 Bike Tour has begun! Bicicletas por la paz is in full swing more than ever! We are currently 5 sitting music playing, dance loving, hungry hippos that love cycling. We are currently in San Luis Obispo and headed to Mexico. We started out trip on February 6th from Oakland, CA and since then have covered almost 296 miles.

image    image image  image

The coast has been so incredible to us. Hills for days never have I pushed my body that hard and never did I know that i was capable of such a thing! Sometimes climbing mountains seemed like it would never end, especially when its 80 degrees out and the sun is just pounding on your face.

image  image

Its also been a new way of riding for me. As a commuter cyclist in the city I have tons of riding experience but this adventure has proven to be a whole different animal. Low gears, hills and more hills, and its all been about pacing and endurance rather than destination. Really you must be present and just enjoy where you are at. The ocean and the breeze makes this a lot easier as inspiration on this journey.

image   image

image   image

So far we have camped almost every night. Currently we are in the house of a friend of ours we met in Santa Cruz, Scott. He has opened his home to us and even provided us with food, warm showers, fluffy beds, a gorgeous home, and a rug to play our shows on in the downtown of SLO. Pretty incredible all the magical and friendly people that become friends and want to support the cause.

image   image image    image

We love to bike. We love to ride. We love to play music!Stay tuned for more we are excited to be playing a couple of shows in LA 19th, 20th and 21st. If you are in the area be sure to let us know and check out out Latin, Circus, Funk musica!

CD Release 5/5/2017 @ NEW PARISH "Coco Avenges"