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Greetings from Vancouver!



We are two weeks in to our pedal-powered adventure! Our group is now at sixteen strong and still growing.

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            The past weeks have been an epic, hardcore adventure.  On June 20th  eleven of us boxed up our bikes and packed up our camping gear, musical instruments and sound system and took it all on the train to Seattle.  It was quite a spectacle.  But we made it to Seattle after a fun and relaxing ride.

After putting all our bikes and gear back together, we spent our first night on the road with Molly’s wonderful friend, Heather.  She was such an amazing and lovely host.

The next day we were supposed to head out mid-afternoon, but in perfect bike-tour form, we didn’t gout out the door until after 5pm.

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            The next few days on the road were intense to say the least.   The first day it rained furiously on us as we ate hills for breakfast, lunch and dinner for over fifty miles.  Some of us have never been on a bike tour before, and we wondered what the hell we had signed up for.  Luckily the camaraderie of the group was so magical that we laughed through the struggle and still managed to have a wonderful time.  We were grateful to be outside, altogether and really experiencing life deeply.

The next day we had to bike over sixty miles to get to our first show.  Keep in mind that with all the gear, some of us were hauling upwards of two hundred pounds!

7    Mt. Baker!

            Our first show was at the Lookout Arts Quarry in Bellingham, Washington.  It was epic!  We played on a floating stage in the middle of the quarry.   The people were lovely, the weather was perfect, and the sound of the music ricocheting off the quarry was spectacular.   We couldn’t have asked for a better kickoff show!

Our next show was the very next day at the Boundary Bay Brewery in downtown Bellingham.  The show was super fun and Molly hopped on her stilts, towering tall about the dancing crew.

We stayed a few nights with Heather’s wonderful friends, Nomi and Mary, on their enchanted farm.  Cats, dogs, ducks, wildflowers, a campfire, a living roof and a warm and welcoming home made our respite all the more rejuvenating.

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The next day it was back on our bikes with two days to make it to Vancouver.  In between pedal strokes, we managed to squeeze in a lake jump, a river soak, a capoeira class, a yoga class, a sunset over the ocean, a cascade of dominoing bicycles, dinner at the Sikh temple, five bridge crossings and lots of great music, meals and laughter.

We are now resting at Adley’s rad brother, Chris’ house, four blocks from the beach in Vancouver and tomorrow we perform outside of the Vancouver Art Gallery from 3-7pm.

It is just the beginning of the journey, but already we have learned so much.  Every moment there is a lesson learned, individually and collectively.  We are truly pedaling our way to transcending to our higher consciousness and beyond.

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