Bicicletas Por La Paz

Plastic, plastic, plastic!


How incredible it has been for us to make a strong effort to divest from fossil fuels by riding over 1000 miles on our bikes, putting on shows that are powered only by our audience members riding those same bikes.  Being surrounded by heavy car culture this feels like quit the accomplishment.  But what about all the plastic?!?

Even on our bikes we rely so heavily on the petroleum industry to produce plastic for the hardware on our bikes, our bags to keep gear dry, our gear itself! Not to mention the packaging our food comes in.  Sometimes it feels like we are swimming in plastic!  We have been doing our best to reuse our bags, buy in bulk, always have reusable cups and containers on us, but still waste is produced and plastic goes on.  We have been humbled by this reality.20160805_172804

With all these plastic conundrums in our minds we keep pedaling forward, and on our ride the other day we stumbled upon an amazing organization that spoke to all our woes.  Washed Ashore in Bandon, Oregon is a nonprofit art collective which collects plastic scraps from the beach and creates giant art sculptures, only using these scraps. We were all blown away by the intricacy of the art the amount of plastic and Styrofoam that is lingering on our oceans shores. Every piece of plastic ever made is on this earth, and will forever be on this earth. I supposed if we must use it, let us use what has already been created. This project gave us great perspective and inspiration to do better at stewarding this precious earth which gives us life.

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