Biketopia Tour 2016

We made it home!!! 1,400 miles and 31 pedal powered concerts later we cant believe its over! We carried all of our instruments by bicycle including a full drum kit, 2 electric guitars, 2 acoustic guitars, mandolin, bass, 2 mains, mic stands, all the cables, all our food and camping equipment, not to mention the 18′, 81lb sub woofer. ¬†Each bike weighed between 150 and 250 pounds!

Huge thanks to everyone who made this tour possible. From everyone who donated to our crowd funding, to all those who hosted us, feed us, to our road angels, Rock the Bike for developing this sound system, The Ginger Ninjas for paving the way, ALL OUR PEDDLERS!!!! And to the entire crew for pushing their bodies and spirits to the limit each day to bring more magic into the world. We would not have been able to make this journey happen with out all of the kindness and generosity from all of you. Stay tuned for whats up next!!!