Bicicletas Por La Paz

Pleasant Revolution Biketopia Tour 2016 has begun!!!!


And we are off!  We rode the train up to Seattle from Oakland and were quite a site to see.  13 of us packed up our bikes and all our gear into boxes on the platform. We were all relieved to finally be on the train headed north, our journey had finally begun.  The train was stunning and the energy was high with the summer solstice full moon lighting our way.  We spotted a bald eagle, sang songs inspired by the rivers, and wrote short stories about the citrus.  The train set the tone for our trip to be slow and peaceful.

Molly met us at the station in Seattle and we were a flurry of bikes and things, all awkwardly trying to reassemble our bulky bikes.  After a couple of hours configuring our loads we rode through the dark twinkling streets of Seattle to our amazing hosts Heather.  We were so grateful to land at her lovely home which allowed us to work out our last details before hitting the road.


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